Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Concerning Ghost Talk (鬼话连篇)

The topics of ghosts are very intriguing and interesting to talk about especially when one has nothing to do after the dinner, or something to talk about after a reunion dinner. We have so far only touched upon the soul of a still living, before I move on to the ghost in literatures further; let’s touch upon some definitions of ghosts according to folklore.

So are there really any ghosts around? Folks believe there are indeed. No one dares to show ghosts any disrespects because once someone has offended these spirits, he/she may be in a lot of troubles.

How does a ghost really look like?

A person who has seen a ghost said that a ghost takes the shape of an ordinary human being, except that it has no legs; also a ghost can become invisible as it wishes. Ghosts are also believed to possess colour:

·         Grey ones are common dead souls.
·         Green ones are of more vengeful ones.
·         Black ones are normally harmful ones.
·         Red ones also said to be of more powerful types…

Ghosts are most active during the night. Night time to a ghost is as if day time to us, the living human. Normally ghosts are invisible to common folks except for those who have psychic eyes or the 3rd eye if one wishes to call it. It is also a common belief that a small child can also see ghosts due to his/her naïve nature.

During daytime, ghosts are said to be resting under tree shades, at toilet, in a dark corner, in an empty house, under a bridge or in its tomb.

There is an exception however; this exception is to a hung ghost (吊死鬼). It is believed that a hung ghost still possesses 30% of Yang energy, so it can even active during the day. But those people who can see ghosts are said to be in pretty bad luck. As a Chinese folk saying goes:

When one sees a ghost, he/she would have 3 years’ bad luck.

In Chinese folk belief, ghosts are said to be afraid of:

·         The Sun
·         I Ching
·         Voices of people reading books
·         Sounds of left palm striking
·         Branch of palm tree
·         Tea leafs and salt
·         Fish nets
·         Fire crackers
·         Talismans
·         Etc.

There are many types of ghosts in Chinese folk belief:

When a person is drowned, his/her soul is believed to be transformed to a ‘water ghost’, if a person hung him/herself; then he/she shall become a ‘hung ghost’. Another type of ghost is the ‘walking dead’ (僵尸) made popular by Hong Kong movies in the 70's and 80's.

What can a ghost do?

I supposed this is a stupid question to ask. But ghosts can cause a person to fall sick and bad luck to say the least. In a more severe matter, ghosts can also take the lives of people either through mental suggestions, or in more violent case such as the walking dead; it can kill and turn a living person into another walking dead. A ghost can also cause a person to lose his/her way in the wilderness amongst other feasts.

So, how to deal with ghosts?

Follow me to Magic SEA and there are many methods described in the blog.

Last but not least, please sit tight and join me into the world of Chinese ghosts... and the Japanese ghosts too...

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